& Workplace Investigations

We provide clients with excellent advice and representation because of our unique perspective and insight gained by litigating employment law claims both against and on behalf of Fortune 500 companies. Our practice concentrates on issues related to wages & hours of work (such as uncompensated wages, overtime, employee misclassification, inaccurate wage calculations, denied rest breaks and meal periods), discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination.

We are also dedicated to conducting fair and objective workplace investigations.

Workplace Rights

  • Right to fair wages for work performed
  • Right to overtime premium pay
  • Right to take rest breaks, meal periods and recovery periods
  • Right to be free from discrimination
  • Right to be free from harassment
  • Right to be free from retaliation (whistleblower protection)
  • Right to a safe workplace

Workplace Investigations

We conduct investigations (in English or Spanish) concerning allegations of unlawful discrimination, harassment and other violations of policies, rules or standards of conduct. A workplace investigation is a fair and impartial process to discover all relevant facts for an organization to make an appropriate employment decision.


& Workplace Investigationss

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Workplace Justice

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